Hare in the Square

June 27, 2007

Dexterously the Drummer was right handed,
there are examples in bronze from that mould
in other locations.

The left handedness of this Drummer
speaks to the other side of the brain,
from the past to the future;
another tune in composure.

A seed of hope after the conviction.
I would subtitle this piece
‘I don’t want to set the world on fire.’

— Barry Flanagan

I’m certainly not the first to note the temporary exhibition of Barry Flanagan’s Large Left Handed Drummer, but I may be the last New Yorker to write about it.

Flanagan, a Welsh-born, Dublin-based sculptor, has been producing monumental hares since the early 1980’s. This 16’ tall bronze statue of a dancing rabbit playing a drum is on a busy traffic island near Union Square Park.

It has been displayed since February and, sadly, it is scheduled to be removed this week. Hope you had a chance to visit the Large Left Handed Drummer while it was here.

Barry Flanagan's bronze sculpture
Barry Flanagan’s bronze sculpture

 Large Left Handed Drummer
Large Left Handed Drummer

The hare surrounded by cabs
The hare surrounded by cabs

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