Pearl River Mart

June 29, 2007

More than 30 years ago the first Chinese-American department store opened its doors in the heart of Manhattan’s Chinatown.

Known as Pearl River Mart and offering a wide range of foods clothing, home furnishings and accessories imported from China, the store quickly became an essential resource for designers and trend-setters.

Pearl River Mart moved around lower Manhattan several times, from one ramshackle building to another, before arriving at its current, thoroughly modern home in trendy Soho. 

A far cry from the store’s earlier incarnations, the glossy store at 477 Broadway features a waterfall, tea bar and, hanging from the ceiling, a display of the enormous masks and dragons used to celebrate Chinese New Year (yes, they are for sale).

Paper lampshades
Paper lampshades on display

Block-long dragon for parades

Animal masks
Lion, tiger and other animal masks

Pearl River Mart
Village Voice: Pearl River Mart

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