The Pink Post Office

In downtown Manhattan, at the corner of Church and Canal Streets, sits the pale pink Post Office known as the Canal Street Station.

Designed by Alan Balch Mills, completed in 1939 and restored in the early 1990s, most of the exterior is covered in glazed terracotta tiles in a shade called “rosy buff.” At the entrance, the tiles of the facade are colored oxblood, green and black with silver metallic lusters. If you pass through the small, shabby vestibule, you’ll see an enormous gilded terra-cotta bas-relief credited to Wheeler William.

While this certainly isn’t the only pink post office in the world (Sarajevo has long boasted a beautiful, ornate pink and white wedding cake of a post office), it is without question the finest pink post office in New York City.

On The Corner of Church & Canal Streets
Originally uploaded by annulla.

Doorway to Post Office
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Close Up of Pink Vestibule
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Bas-Relief by Wheeler William (1938)
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NYCJPG: Canal Street Station
Canal Street Station Post Office Under Restoration
About the Sarajevo Post Office
BBC: Photo of Saravjevo Post Office during restoration

17 Responses to The Pink Post Office

  1. Kala says:

    my vote is for the archer – that is a georgous art display!


  2. Judy says:

    What a beautiful classy bas relief.


  3. moi says:

    the first pink post office i have ever seen .


  4. Barb says:

    It would be noticed, that’s for sure.


  5. Kate says:

    Unusual but fun to see. Do you use that post office?


  6. kris says:

    a new coat of pink (paint) would be good, interesting though


  7. lavenderlady says:

    HI! Nice pictures! I will be back to visit, but I am still away from home. I am resoponding to your question about the ear tags. If you go back to my post on the cow and click on the blue link, it will take you to a previous picture (sheep with ear tags). There I posted a link to a website that explains how ear tags are used to track animals birth, shots, etc.


  8. Interesting post about the post office. I don’t like the pink color on the doorway and that looks like it is armored car proof. Mercy me it looks tough.

    I came to thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting about the kitty who has assumed the role of tour guide at the farm.

    Abraham Lincoln


  9. M. says:

    Wow, very impressive blog you’ve got going here. I’ve already bookmarked it; will return for another look soon.
    The pink post office: Do you know if the pink vestibule is an add-on? It seems incongruous with the grandeur of the rest of the architecture.

    Nice of you to drop by my blog the other day.
    ( )
    Although, after looking at yours, I wonder why I bother keeping a blog! :o) You put us mere mortals to shame…

    All the best,



  10. cream says:

    Thanks for visiting.


  11. Piika says:

    wow how excellent – I’ll keep a lookout for other pink buildings esp. post offices!


  12. I don’t believe I’ve been there. I don’t go downtown too often, esp. not below Chinatown.


  13. photowannabe says:

    Very unusual for a post office. Its actually quite lovely though. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  14. Did you catch Spiderman 3 at the Tribeca Film Festival? The foreign movies you listed sound exciting. I’m still hoping to watch The Life of Strangers (Das Leben Der Anderen) and Volver. I don’t go to movie very often.


  15. pat Griffith says:

    alas I’m just a crafter wanna-be artist that enjoys your work


  16. KathBrat says:

    Being from the West Coast I am just mesmerized by the historical photos that you share. I hope to see many more in the future. This is great fun with my own “tourist guide” who provide a perspective that you don’t get from the usual web site or friends photo album


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