Tour Groups & Tour Guides

The right tour guide can entertain and enlighten and while showing you aspects of the city you might otherwise never see.

Many museums and major attractions have tour guides on staff and their services are often free; check the appropriate Web site to see time of tours and whether reservations are necessary.

  • Tours of the City With Justin Ferate
    Justin is an energetic, entertaining walking encyclopedia filled with New York tales and trivia. Some tours are free.
  • Tribute Center Walking Tours
    Members of 9/11 community lead visitors around the site of the World Trade Center.
  • Big Apple Greeters
    Friendly and enthusiastic volunteers take out-of-towners to the neighborhoods, shops and attractions they love. Free of charge.
  • New York City Tour Guides
    Unfortunately, many New York City tour guides don’t have their own Web sites. This link takes you to a directory, but I don’t know enough about many of the guides listed there to tell you whether or not to take the tours they offer. I have been on tours led by Judy Richheimer, Jane Marx and Justin Ferate, and can tell you that they are walking encyclopedias — and for a tour guide, that’s a very good thing.

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