I wasn’t thinking about the significance of the date when I made an appointment for December 31 on the Upper East Side. It was only when I was en route that I realized that to reach my destination, I had to change trains at Times Square. It was still early in the day, but the place was already a madhouse.

When I got to my appointment, I sadly told the person I was meeting that my route had taken me through Times Square. She laughed and said, “Now I know you’re a real New Yorker! Only New Yorkers try to stay away from Times Square on New Year’s Eve — the tourists can’t wait to get there!”

She was, of course, correct, and as soon as our meeting concluded, I made a hasty retreat to Brooklyn, where I spotted this reveler on Montague Street. Happy new year!

Woman celebrating the new year in Downtown Brooklyn

2 Responses to 01.01.11

  1. Carme Padró says:

    Hey! I just saw the comment you left on my Antarctica pictures right now! (I know, I’m late…!). Thanks for stopping by! By the way,if you like pictures, I just made another website only focused on photographs: http://www.carmepadro.blogspot.com
    Montague street is amazing…! I loved it when I was there, a few years ago. I remember a greek restaurant where I actually had dinner and a comic shop up on stairs that reminded me the one from “The Simpsons” on my way to the promenade.


  2. Richard says:

    Looks like fun. I am going to come back to NY for a visit soon.


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