I Bought it at Western Beef

Western Beef is a New York-based chain of warehouse style supermarkets. Despite the word “Western” in the name, and the cactus in its logo, this store is very much Eastern and urban; the highest concentration of Western Beefs is in the Bronx, with Queens running a close second.

The company, whose origins go back to the early 1900s, uses the slogan “We Know the Neighborhood.” They explain that

Through diligent demographic research and paying close attention to our customers, we have determined each neighborhood’s specific needs, by learning about the local population’s ethnicity and product demands.

In other words, the stores, many of which are located in areas with sizable immigrant populations, sell merchandise selected to appeal to the nearby shoppers. I bought these unusual soup mixes, manufactured by Grace Foods, in the Western Beef store on Brooklyn’s East New York Avenue, a largely Caribbean neighborhood.

Logo on Western Beef shopping bag

Fish Tea Soup Mix

Pumpkin Beef Soup Mix

Cock Soup Mix

Western Beef
Grace Foods

5 Responses to I Bought it at Western Beef

  1. Tricky says:

    Yes, those soup mixes are popular with Jamaican immigrants and are manufactured by a Jamaican company, Grace Foods. Have you tried them as yet? Let us know how you like them when you do.


  2. lailani says:

    lol! That last soup reminded me of a gentleman I worked with years ago that was originally from Nigeria – I can still hear him, but I won’t go there… I love going into stores like that, I don’t go often because WAY down south in this part of Georgia there are not many speciality shops as such. I found an Asian market tucked back in a little strip mall – and now it is closed. Ugh!


  3. Esther says:

    I’d be embarrased to put that last soup on the table. lol!


  4. Bag Blog says:

    Yes, I suppose So.

    Do me a favor?


  5. Bobby W says:

    Unappreciated, nasty and sarcastic customer service at the Boca Raton store on 4/1/2012. I’m sorry I have spent my families hard earned money at that location. It was certainly not a pleasure to shop there.


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