It’s a Family Affair

July 16, 2009

Tonight in Castle Clinton, all the way down at the southernmost tip of Manhattan, Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra performed a tribute to the music of Sly and the Family Stone. The concert, part of the annual River-to-River Festival, was a dubbed “It’s A Family Affair” — the title of one of the biggest hits by Sly and the Family Stone (it reached #1 on both the Billboard Pop and R&B charts).

The musicians who crowded the stage included a lineup of seasoned performers, all of them clearly fans of the the legendary band described by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as “Rock’s first integrated, multi-gender band, funky Pied Pipers to the Woodstock Generation, synthesizing rock, soul, R&B, funk and psychedelia into danceable, message-laden, high-energy music.”

The members of the Millennial Territory Orchesta were accompanied by keyboardist Bernie Worrell from Funkadelic, guitar player Vernon Reid from Living Colour and vocalists Martha Wainwright, Sandra Saint Victor, Shilpa Ray and Dean Bowman, who joyously evoked the spirit of Woodstock as they took the audience “Higher and Higher.”

Sandra Saint Victor and Steve Bernstein

Shilpa Ray

Vernon Reid

Martha Wainwright

Bernie Worrell

Dean Bowman

Steven Bernstein

The Millennial Territory Orchestra
Sly and the Family Stone
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Steven Bernstein
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Bernie Worrell
Sandra Saint Victor
Shilpa Ray
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Castle Clinton National Monument

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