It was an overcast day and I was heading home when a police officer mentioned that I should stick around because Ecuafest was about to start.

Ecuafest? Ecuawho? Ecuawhat?

The police couldn’t tell me much more, only that they had just been assigned to work at the Ecuadoran parade that would soon head down Central Park West. So I stayed and watched the event from beginning to end.

It was tiny, as parades in New York go: a single vendor selling souvenirs, a couple of dancing groups, a couple of beauty queens, some handful of politicians with sashes across their chests and a couple of vehicles decorated with flags and banners.

The biggest attraction was a man dressed in a summer white suit who was surrounded by bodyguards. His arrival created all the pandemonium the small group of spectators could create, as young and old scrambled to take his photo, obtain his autograph, pose beside him and shake his hand. I didn’t recognize him, but I realized that he was some sort of star. Later I learned that he was Alex Aguinaga, hailed as one of the best Ecuadorian footballers of all time.

The promoters of Ecuafest (I later found it advertised on Craigslist) promised that it would go for two and a half hours, but the entire parade lasted less than half an hour, colorful, peaceful, short and sweet.

Please join us as we celebrate Ecuafest 2009, the third annual observance of the Ecuadorian Independence in the city of New York. The National Ecuadorian Day Parade will initiate this year’s festivities on Sunday, May 17th. Showcasing the largest array of Ecuadorian traditions in the form of dances and colorful floats. It will move along Central Park West from 110th Street to its routes end at the corner of 96th Street from 12:30PM-3:00PM.


Selling souvenirs

Waiting for the parade to start

Alone but enthusiastic

Here come the sashes

A politician and a pretty girl

Álex Aguinaga and his bodyguards

Aguinaga and a fan

Dancing down the street

The dance group moves in step

Young dancers watch a more experienced group

Beauty queen in an open car

Skirts swirling in the air

Men wearing traditional costumes

A vehicle in the parade

Álex Aguinaga
Ecuafest Web site
Ecuafest on Craigslist

4 Responses to Ecuafest!

  1. Olivier says:

    une belle parade, avec de belles couleurs et de superbes costumes. un beau reportage photo.
    a nice parade, with nice colours and not superb costumes. a nice report photograph.


  2. Nancy says:

    I loved your description of the parade and the photos. The dancers reminded me of Mexican dancers we saw on our cruise, in Costa Maya


  3. This is what New York is all about and another reason to love this City. Thanks for being there to capture the event.


  4. moi says:

    colorful and fun…..NYC’s diversity is mind-boggling…undoubtedly, it’s one of the most fascinating cities in the world…..


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