AIDS Walk 2009

Today (once again) I dragged myself out of bed at dawn on a drizzly Sunday morning to participate in AIDS WALK NY. And once again, this, the world’s largest AIDS fundraising event, was a complete success.

Despite the unseasonably wet, chilly weather and the rotten economy, 2,000 volunteers and 45,000 walkers came out. When all the money was counted, we’d raised a total of $5,603,409 for organizations devoted to the fight against AIDS, including prevention, treatment and the search for a cure.

Here are some photos taken at Checkpoint #1, which is one-quarter of the way through the 10 kilometer route in and around Central Park.

Banner on a lamppost outside the park

Volunteers setting out drinks for the walkers

The water is waiting to be grabbed

An orchard’s worth of apples

Here come the walkers

They need refreshment

Some of the volunteers are stunned

Walkers are hungry! They’re thirsty!

Give them snacks and send them on their way
The food and drink are depleted by the time the last walkers arrive


One Response to AIDS Walk 2009

  1. Olivier says:

    c’est impressionnant de voir ces tables. J’étais venu une année pendant la marche contre le Sida et j’avais été impressionné par le monde dans Central Park, c’était de la folie.
    it is impressive to see these tables. I had come one year during the step against the AIDS and I had been impressed by the world in Central-Park, it was madness


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