Hope on the Corner

January 20, 2009

Even on a cold, barren street corner in Brooklyn, the optimistic mood of the inauguration is apparent. From the front window of this pet grooming shop on Hicks Street, the light of hope shines through the darkness.

The light at the corner of Hicks and Pineapple Streets

Hope shines from the window

Our Inauguration Day

January 20, 2009

An overwhelming majority of New Yorkers voted for Barack Obama last November, and many thought of today as “our” inauguration day.

Across the city, workers took the day off to celebrate with friends and family, students watched the inauguration ceremonies from their classrooms, and residents and tourists flocked to see the pomp and circumstance unfold on enormous screens that were erected in several locations.

Of course, the souvenir vendors were out in force, too, selling mementos of the day Barack Obama became the 44th president of the United States.

First Black President buttons for sale at Foley Square

January 20, 2009 badges selling in Union Square

Inauguration Barack Obama shirt for sale on Broadway

My President Obama shirt for sale in Foley Square

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