Still remembering

This spot on the Brooklyn Promenade once afforded a clear view of the World Trade Center. It rose high above the New York skyline, two rectangles pointing straight up into the heavens. Now, there is a hole in the sky.

Tonight, as in years past, two blue beams of light take the place of those buildings destroyed seven years ago. The lights are visible only from sunset to sunrise, then are turned off and disappear for another year.

Each year, fewer and fewer people come here to remember what happened on September 11, 2001. Fewer signs are hung, fewer candles are burned, fewer flowers placed along the cast iron fence.

But I still come here every year. I still come to light candles, look at the blue beams of light, and think about those lost in the horror on the other side of the river. Seven years have passed, but, tonight especially, I still remember.

Candles burning on the Promenade

The wreath says “September 11 – Broken Sky”

The lights reflecting against a cloud

6 Responses to Still remembering

  1. avanta7 says:

    I thought of you all day Thursday. {{{{annulla}}}}


  2. pat griffith says:

    yes I still remember , thank you for the lovely pictures.


  3. bel hommage, d’un moment qui restera graver dans notre mémoire toute notre vie. sur mon blog je rends hommage a un ami gravement malade car il était sous les tours le 09.11 ;o(((

    Good tribute, a moment that will remain engraved in our memory all our lives. on my blog I pay tribute to a friend seriously ill because he was under the towers 09.11 ;o(((


  4. Someone on my blog wrote “it is good to remember even when it hurts”. We still remember. This has marked us forever. I feel like I remember every single minute of that day, the sounds, the smells, everything.


  5. Nancy says:

    I remember. I will remember as long as I have memory. I faved the last photo on your Flickr. It is haunting.


  6. photowannabe says:

    I remember and will always remember. NYC is so close to my heart.


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