A Stray Dog in the Park

There is is, right near the lamp post, a dog standing all by himself. When you get closer, you can see by the harness he wears that he is a service dog, trained to help his disabled owner. But … where is the owner? And why isn’t the dog moving?

This is Stray Dog by New York-based sculptor Tony Matelli. Lifelike and life-sized, created in resin, he stands beside the park at Brooklyn MetroTech center, baffling and delighting those who spot him and attempt to come to his rescue.

Stray Dog

Stray Dog from another angle

Stray Dog by Tony Matelli

Brooklyn MetroTech
New York Times: A Fertile Garden Of Sculptures
Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design: Tony Matelli

6 Responses to A Stray Dog in the Park

  1. Olivier says:

    c’est surprenant, on dirait un vrai chien. (au moins pas de problème de propreté ;o) ). moins fan des créations présentées sur son site.

    is surprising, it looks like a real dog. (at least not a problem of cleanliness o)). less fan creations displayed on its site.


  2. Alive says:

    So real and as I read your words service dog I thought oh the poor thing.

    Great pictures.


  3. photowannabe says:

    It certainly got my attention. The service dog part of it got me concerned. this figure really looks real. Great post Anulla.


  4. Jessica says:

    very cool! Looks like a real dog.


  5. It does look so real!! Did you actually see people come to its rescue? That would be amusing to observe.


  6. moi says:

    this looks frighteningly real!!!!!


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