Excuse Me, Miss, There’s Something on Your Shoulder …

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This young tourist, spotted outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, happily shows off the colorful tattoos that peep out above her tank top.

Her shoulder and upper arm are covered with hibiscus blossoms. On her back, the red-clad figure on the left is 1950s porn icon Bettie Page. On the right, in green, is a demure Marilyn Monroe.

On 5th Avenue in front of the Met

Hibiscus flowers on her shoulder

Bettie and Marilyn in the back

6 Responses to Excuse Me, Miss, There’s Something on Your Shoulder …

  1. photowannabe says:

    That’s what I call colorful. Interesting choice of tatoos for her back.


  2. Olivier says:

    ils sont superbes les tatouages de la dame, surtout Bettie and Marilyn. j’adore

    they are superb tattoos of the lady, especially Bettie and Marilyn. I love


  3. Those are nice tattoos. I hear it hurts like hell to get one.


  4. Trotter says:

    I always wonder how would they deal with the issue of removing it, if and when some idea comes tomes to their minds… ;))
    Blogtrotter is still in Santiago de Compostela, now inside the Cathedral… Hope you enjoy, and have a nice weekend!


  5. I swear I am really trying but I have a hard time understanding tattoes. I recognize the illustration is well executed but I just don’t understand and I probably never will. There, I’ve admitted it. Shame on me.


  6. can we be a fren? Really nice blog!


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