Chinatown Dragon Fighters

Yes, I know. More than a month has passed since this blog was updated.

The reason? I’ll spare you the details, but my faithful, trusty old PC finally died, trapping my files and photos inside. In response, I maxed out my credit card and replaced the dead machine with a shiny new iMac.

Some of the resident geniuses at the Apple Store were able to extract the photos from the old computer (free of charge!), and I’m finally getting (or at least, I’m starting to get) the hang of the built-in software, so the blog is back in business.

These photos were taken on the Lower East Side, at the corner of Allen & Canal Streets, during a wintery rainstorm. They show New York City Fire Engine Company 9, Ladder Company 6, also known as the Chinatown Dragon Fighters. Founded in 1731, the Dragon Fighters are the oldest company in the Fire Department of New York.

View from Canal Street

The dragon emblem painted on the door

Official Web Site: Dragon Fighters

6 Responses to Chinatown Dragon Fighters

  1. Olivier says:

    content de te revoir et bravo aux petits genies d’Apple Store.
    une belle enseigne, sur cette caserne de pompiers

    Glad to see you again and congratulations to small geniuses Apple Store.
    A good sign, in this fire


  2. photowannabe says:

    Welcome back to blogdom Annulla. I have missed your pictures and interesting information.
    Those guys at the Apple store were real heros. Sorry you had to max the card but we NEED your posts.


  3. moi says:

    nice to see you back……….:) and hopefully we’ll see you more often now 🙂


  4. Welcome back to the cyber world. 🙂

    iMac? Eck!


  5. I wish you a good and merry Christmas with your Partner, friends or family, and I showed some Christmas “decoration & wishes’ on my blog But you have already visite my blog! thanks for being sunch a good blogvisiter,

    Christmas greetings from JoAnn


  6. Dave Martin says:

    congragulations on your return to the Dragonfighters.
    I was the buff in ladder 6 from 1940-1970 and then I
    moved to Florida. I miss NYC very much and still keep
    in touch with Chief Jonas, Gus Silda and a few other
    oldtimers. Lots of luck and wish you all the best


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