Trick or Treat!

On Halloween, suburban children dress up and wander from house to house to gather candy and treats. But — for many reasons — that approach to trick or treating doesn’t always work so well for city kids.

In Brooklyn Heights, the tradition calls for costumed youngsters to walk through the historic commercial district on Montague Street and collect candy from the neighborhood shops and businesses. This year, I was lucky enough to catch some of the little monsters (and the workers who gleefully welcomed them) in the act.

A lion caught outside a pharmacy

A little bride on the street corner

A family maneuvers the scaffolding outside a drug store

An M&M candy standing before a rack of dresses

Supermarket worker greets a little rooster

The ice cream parlor handed out samples

A pussycat stands before a revolving door

A foil-wrapped candy kiss inside a shop

Cowboy in a drug store

A pirate and Snow White stand with antique furniture

The poor guy in the middle just wants to shop

A group inside a thrift shop

Thrift shop staff coated with stage blood

A chicken naps while trick or treating

A group crossing Montague Street

Pair of Spidermen invade a shop

A dragon & his dad in front of the grocery store

11 Responses to Trick or Treat!

  1. Raingypsy says:

    Great pics, annulla!


  2. The award for best Halloween posting. Absolutely great. Thank you.


  3. Trotter says:

    Great pictures! Even for someone not that keen on Halloween…


  4. moi says:

    awesome ….totally fell in love with all of them…..and i dont think i have ever seen such a cute lion in my whole life before 🙂


  5. Hi A.
    Thanks so much for sharing this fantastic photo’s of Haloween!
    I learned a lot about Haloween, by you and other citizens who publiced that on their blogs, but yours is really COOL, neat!!! Thanks

    What do YOU eat in the morning?
    I eat…… look on my blog…

    Have a great end of the weekend 🙂 JoAnn greetings


  6. photowannabe says:

    Annulla, you got some great shots there. I love the sleeping duch and all the happy faces.


  7. photowannabe says:

    Oops I meant to say chicken instead of duck. Cute costume anyway.


  8. Olivier says:

    superbe serie de portraits d’halloween. moi personnellement je préfère les bonbons ;o)

    Serie superb portrait Halloween. Me personally I prefer sweets; O)


  9. Totally cute photos.

    It’s great being a kid on Halloween — all the fun, costumes, candies, staying up late, attention.

    But poor parents — all the fun, costumes, candies, staying up late, attention.


  10. Aldeia says:

    Here in Sesimbra (Portugal) that tradition still holds, it is called «Pão por Deus»: «Bread for God», meaning “give us some bread [or, even better, cakes, or candy] in the name of God”.
    But it is very different from Halloween; being the “Day of All Saints”, people pay their respects to the dead ones, visiting cemeteries and attending Masses.


  11. Great pics. I like your description of each to the trick-or-tricker as you present them.


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