September 9, 2007


To understand the rationale behind Ludfest (the Ludlow Street Festival), you should know that New York City is divided into 123 different Police Precincts. The tiny Seventh Precinct, second smallest in the city, is located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Long a home to poor immigrants, bargain shops and, more recently, hipsters, foodies and trust fund babies, the area is served by the Seventh Precinct Community Council. The group sponsors a variety of activities and events including today’s fundraiser/block party.

The day-long Ludfest, held on the busy block of Ludlow Street between Stanton and Rivington, featured vendors, community and political organizations, a DJ and several up-and-coming local bands. All proceeds will be used for local youth programs including Christmas and Chanukah toy give-aways.

In front of Pianos
Smoking in front of Pianos

Slices for sale outside Isabella’s

Isabella’s $1 calzone

Outside the Living Room
Outside the Living Room

Crowd in front of Some Odd Rubies
Crowd in front of Some Odd Rubies

The DJ

Near the stage

Local cop on the beat
Local cop on the beat

A Place to Bury Strangers

Case for A Place to Bury Strangers
Case for A Place to Bury Strangers

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