Baby rabbit’s for sell

This sign (click on the photo to read it) was taped to a post in front of Brooklyn Borough Hall. It says:

Baby rabbit’s for sell. They are cute and fun so if you would like one come to Court St. The price is 30 per rabbit

No indication of who is selling the rabbits, when they will be available, where on Court Street they can be found, and whether the price is $30 or 30¢ each.

However, there’s no doubt that rabbits can be cute and fun — and tasty, too.

Baby rabbits for sell

Itty Bitty Bunny
Rabbit Habit

10 Responses to Baby rabbit’s for sell

  1. Trevor says:

    Cute! I particularly like the rabbit thinking “please buy me”. Smart marketing not to specify cents or dollars too. Trust you have been up and down Court St looking for them!


  2. kalyan says:

    A very nicely captured shot…well spotted!


  3. Did you read this week’s issue of NY Magazine? There is an interesting story about a guy raising rabbit for meat in Brooklyn. But then the mother rabbit started killing the baby rabbits.

    Here is the link:


  4. moi says:

    Reminds me of my childhood days. as kids, my brother and I would beg every summer vacation to have a pet at home and while my brother wanted a dog , back in those days i wanted a bunny. I rememebr going to bed crying one night when my parents gave their final verdict that their hectic schedules can not accomodate a resident pet. I still have to acquire one. Now it’s my hectic scheds which won’t permit me to have one. I’m waiitng for the day when I can and I am sure rabbit will fature on the top of my list as a pet. Maybe I’ll get in touch with the Brooklyn seller then 🙂


  5. Olivier says:

    Une photo culte, j’adore, bravo pour le coup d’oeil ;o))

    A photo worship, I adore, cheer for the glance ;o))


  6. “and tasty, too”

    You bet! ;D


  7. I like the shot,
    “you just gotta see it”

    But NOT a good place (or way) to ‘sell’ a living rabbit, who would boy this rabbit ? and I wonder “is it healthy?” I am maybe too serious about this but if it IS serious, I think its not a toy,….

    But I like the creativity of the photo!

    JoAnn 🙂


  8. Katia says:

    I allowed my kids to have hamsters when they were small. The rodents were so cute and became such a part of the family that I cried my heart out when they died. I always wanted to have a dog for the kids, but now they are almost adults and I don’t want to be stuck taking care of a dog for the next 17 years. So no rabbit either…


  9. Annie says:

    Surely 30 cents is the asking price . You know what they say about how fast rabbits reproduce.


  10. Aww, cute! Is that wrong that this is reminding me how yummy my mother’s “lapin à la moutarde” is?


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