The New York Television Festival

September 6, 2007

Two years ago, the New York Television Festival (NYTF) was established to bring together independent video artists, television insiders and fans. The Festival allows people with new and original visions to connect with those who are already established in the broadcast industry.

Some of the producers, writers and directors who’ve exhibited their work in past years have established deals with major television networks including NBC Universal and A&E. The festival’s slogan is “All you need is an idea and a video camera.”

Tonight, the NYTF’s programming included the Comedy Short Cuts Diversity Film Festival. Organized by comedian Wil Sylvince and hosted by cast members of sitcom 30 Rock, the evening showcased eight independent comedy shorts:

After the program, I exited the theatre at the same moment the 30 Rock crowd was leaving and became surrounded by their party. I decided to go with the flow.

When they all veered to the right, ascended a flight of stairs and breezed past a phalanx of security guards, I did the same and found myself in the official after-party.

A nice surprise; a show and dinner (satay, hors d’oeuvres and wine), too! I mingled with the crowd, posed for photos and, when I left, was presented with a gift bag containing a DVD, a water bottle and a nifty little flash drive. Not bad for an otherwise quiet Thursday night.

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