Drumsong African Ballet Theatre

Part of the Lincoln Center Out of Doors festival, Drumsong African Ballet Theatre burst upon the stage at Josie Robertson Plaza with a program called “We Are Griots.”

This international troupe of performance artists, led by husband and wife team Obara Wali Rahman Ndiaye and Andara Rahman Ndiaye, feature the West African drums and folk dances of Old Mali and Senegal.

The group, formerly known as Sabar Ak Ru Afriq Dance Theatre, exuberently combine drumming, dancing, singing and rhythmic chanting (griot) with the earthy humor, rituals and ceremonies of the Sabar and Senegambia peoples.  

A young dancer

Dancer with a prop

Dancer with a prop

Two dancers

Obara Wali Rahman Ndiaye

A “gossip” dance

The dancers

The finale

The company in Josie Robertson Plaza

Race Matters: Obara Wali Rahman Ndiaye
West African Dance Teachers in New York
Lincoln Center
Lincoln Center Out of Doors
Josie Robertson Plaza

6 Responses to Drumsong African Ballet Theatre

  1. Annie says:

    Those performers look so beautiful in their gorgeous colors. Did they sound as wonderful as they looked? Somehow I imagine they did.

    that l


  2. Faye Pekas says:

    Beautiful and colorful. It looks like a lively performance. I like the hippy fair photos too.


  3. Luke says:

    nice series. beautiful colors!


  4. Olivier says:

    Cela devait etre une superbe fete. NYC en ete, c’est la fete tous les jours. Les photos sont tres bonnes

    That was to be a superb festival. NYC in summer, it is the festival the every day. The photographs are very good</i<


  5. moi says:

    it must be such fun to experience so many cultures in one’s own city itself…..NY is a true microcosm of the world…lovely pics, annulla, as always 🙂


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