Dance of the Gypsies

In addition to the Sand Sculpting Contest, last week’s celebration at Coney Island featured a performance by a group billed as (I believe) the World Wide Gypsies.

Clad in bright, flowing silks, adorned with countless jewels, bangles and spangles, three women swayed and whirled on the sunlit Boardwalk.

When the moustachioed violinist launched into Ochi Chyornye (also written as Ochi Tchornya or Ochi Chernye), the lead dancer sang along.

Ochi chyornye, ochi zhguchie
Ochi strastnye i prekrasnye
Kak lyublyu ya vas, kak boyus’ ya vas
Znat’ uvidel vas ya ne v dobryj chas

Dark eyes, burning eyes
Frightful and beautiful eyes
I love you so, I fear you so
For sure I’ve seen you at a sinister hour

Passers-by were captivated by the romantic melody, the flamboyant costumes and the laughing, dancing gypsys.

Swirling their skirts
Swirling their skirts

Playing Ochi Chyornye

The gypsy sings of love & suffering
The gypsy sings of love & suffering

Captivating a passerby

Dancing with the Boardwalk boys
Dancing with the Boardwalk boys

A few belly dance moves
Doing a few belly dance moves

A lively mazurka
Dancing to a lively mazurka

Twirling gypsy dancer

Bay News: Fairy tales still thrive in Coney Island
NY1: Sand Sculptors Complete
Astella Development Corporation
New York City Department of Parks & Recreation
Wikipedia: Ochi Chyornye

4 Responses to Dance of the Gypsies

  1. moi says:

    Really vivid and colorful.
    Just came across this article in NY Times and thought of you

    It worked!!! for now 🙂


  2. photowannabe says:

    Amazing swirling costumes. The colors dance. You captured the passion in the violin player and the singer.


  3. fidget says:

    Those are some great action shots of the dancers


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