Signs of Brooklyn Food Shops

July 19, 2007

Anyone, anywhere can hang a bland, boring factory-made sign on the front of a store. Ho-hum.

That mundane method of advertising might work in some towns, but around here, many shop owners pride themselves on their creative signage, using images that convey the very essence of their business’s identity.

Not only do these shop owners employ unusual signs, they don’t bother to hang them; instead they plant their signposts right in the middle of the sidewalk. Here are a few of the signs currently adorning the pavements in front of some of Brooklyn’s favorite food shops.

Terrace Bagels
Terrace Bagels
224 Prospect Park West

Esposito's Pork Store
Esposito’s Pork Store
357 Court Street

Clemen's Taco and Burrito Place
Clemen’s Taco and Burrito Place
252 Prospect Park West

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