Swordfish and Roosters and Rams. Oh, my!

Deep in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood, across from a tile factory and hard by an auto body shop, an eye catching sign stands at the corner of 21st Street and 3rd Avenue.

Adorned with images of a ram, a swordfish and a rooster, in three languages it advertises the Al-Noor Halal Live Poultry Market.

Intrigued by the sign, I ducked around the corner to visit the store. All I’ll say is that for a person like me (accustomed to meat that comes from a white-coated, genial butcher standing behind a gleaming, sanitized counter), slaughterhouses are not suitable for casual visits.

Oh, my!

On the corner of 3rd Avenue & 21 St Street

Ram, Swordfish & Rooster

Al-Noor Live Poultry

Black Electorate: Growing Muslim Community Brings New Traditions To The Neighborhood

4 Responses to Swordfish and Roosters and Rams. Oh, my!

  1. There was a halal/kosher slaughter house in Astoria on 36th Avenue and 31st Street. It smelled really weird and neighbors have complained to the Health Department many times.

    Like you, I’m used to seeing my chicken frozen or cooked so I’m not used to the smell of a slaughter house. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart.


  2. moi says:

    I have never been to a slaughter house, not even out of curiosity……….i’m sure it would be too gory for me to be able to stomach it (the pun was not intended, really!)


  3. Luke says:

    great colors in the signs, I have no experience with live poultry.


  4. Where do they keep the live swordfish?


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