Mysteries of Manhattan: The MetroCard Bicycle

This bike was leaning against a signpost near Union Square Park.

Nearly every surface — spokes, handlebars, posts, fenders, basket — has been decorated with discarded MetroCards (bus and subway tickets). If you look closely, you’ll see that there is even a chain made of MetroCards.

Who? When? Why? I have no idea. Just another mystery of Manhattan.

The bicycle near Union Square Park
The bicycle near Union Square Park

The bicycle from the right
The bicycle as seen from the right

7 Responses to Mysteries of Manhattan: The MetroCard Bicycle

  1. Awesome photo! Who would have thought of putting the Metrocards on their bicycles?

    I wonder if those Metrocards will stay intact when the bicycle is being used.


  2. Andrew says:

    I would get dizzy watching it ride by! 🙂


  3. Olivier says:

    les gens ont des idess bizzares, mais j’adore. Dans la ville de Wahrol, une vraie oeuvre d’art. bravo.

    people have odd idess, but I adore. In the town of Wahrol, a true work of art cheer.


  4. moi says:

    Great find…….


  5. Faye Pekas says:

    Another amazing mystery. Wouldn’t you have loved to hang out long enough to see who was riding that bike. But then, maybe its better to use your imagination.


  6. I guess anything goes around NYC! Thanks for visiting my blog. I added a link to Sturdivant Hall that gives more facts about John Parkman, although it doesn’t mention his ghost! The site says he drowned in the river, but it is possible he drowned due to a gunshot wound. Not sure anybody really knows anymore!


  7. Andy says:

    I created this bike last year to have some fun and relieve stress as I had started a new job and was buying a co op. The idea came from a number of different influences and touches on a few issues: re”cycling”, alternative transporation, street art, etc.
    I’ve changed out the MC a couple of times as they fade in the sun. I get a lot of comments riding around town which is a lot of fun. I seem to be obsessed with Metrocards as I created a 21 person Metrocard Wedding Party with costumes (bride with a train w/ “A” train logo, groom, maid of honor, priest, lawyer, flower girl, ringbearer, etc) for the Village Halloween Day Parade. I’ve also done costumes for the Easter Bonnet Parade and will march in the Coney Island Mermaid Day Parade.
    Additional photos can be found by searching


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