Mysteries of Manhattan: Nick Beef’s DieKu

These images of gravestones were pasted to the wall of a passageway in the West 4th Street subway station. They have a credit line (A DieKu – Nick Beef – NYC) printed in the bottom border but provide no other information about their origin or purpose.  

The gravestones in the upper image follow the classic haiku structure:

Corona Brewer
Noble Golden Beer Skillman
Wetmore Lips Aleman

The names in the lower image create:

Bizzaro Bushman
Texas Manno Wargo Wild
George Izzo Looney

Upper DieKu
Originally uploaded by annulla.

Lower DieKu
Originally uploaded by annulla.

Two DieKu Pasted to the Wall
Originally uploaded by annulla.

Lee Harvey Oswald & the Mysterious Nick Beef
The Story of Nick Beef
Wikipedia: Haiku

7 Responses to Mysteries of Manhattan: Nick Beef’s DieKu

  1. Sigma says:

    Thanks for dropping by.
    Nice, interesting blog – you post a commentary on a wide variety of things :-))


  2. Green-Wood Cemetery is full of poetry. And parrots.


  3. avanta7 says:

    Beer review and political commentary by tombstone. I love it.

    Annulla, doll, I haven’t dropped by your photoblog for a while, and I’m sorry for it! You have such a great eye for interesting shots. Miss you on LJ!


  4. Annie says:

    The variety of forms of art never ceases to amaze me. This is a fascinating installation.


  5. Very interesting media of communicating.
    Thank you for bringing it to us!


  6. pat Griffith says:

    when I first moved to Chicago one of the first places I wanted to see was Al Capone’s grave …I’m not sure why , but I found it interesting he’s buried next to his mom.


  7. OLS KathBrat says:

    I truly enjoy your photography, and descriptions. I feel like I take a mini day trip each time I view a new picture.

    Lots of emotion ebbs through to the viewer.
    Thank you for the experience


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