Push for Help

Armed only with a heavy, black marker, someone turned this customer assistance intercom box in the Times Square subway station into a helpful, smiling face.

Push for help
Originally uploaded by annulla.

9 Responses to Push for Help

  1. Trotter says:

    Great talent: designer and photographer!…
    Shame it’s cold again, but no matter the weather NY is always NY and I miss it a lot…
    Thks for your comment on Blogtrotter


  2. noony says:

    🙂 a smile …always makes me feel better..


  3. Annie says:

    It’s a reassuring reframing for one who needs to call for help.


  4. Meg says:

    Oh, nice. They should all be altered like that!!


  5. dot says:

    Really cute!


  6. moi says:

    i find it extremely cute…but am sure there wud be some who’ll call it an act of vandalism!!!


  7. Kuanyin says:

    Happy Easter!


  8. CaBaCuRl says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog…do you know, i go up and down those steps, and I’ve never counted them! When it stops raining, i’ll do it and let you know 😉 Am enjoying your blog…plan on visiting NY in Oct 09 ( yep..a l-o-n-g way away)


  9. mandy says:

    they should all look like that


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