The Red Balloons

I saw this woman at the corner of 8th Street and Broadway, the dividing line between Greenwich Village and the East Village.

The scene reminded me of one of my favorite films, Le Ballon Rouge (the Red Balloon) by Albert Lamorisse, the story of a young boy who chases an elusive balloon through the streets of Paris.

Woman in a red coat with red balloons
Originally uploaded by annulla.

Red Balloon: The Film
Red Balloon: The Book
The Village Alliance
East Village

15 Responses to The Red Balloons

  1. Kate says:

    Wonderful photo. Haven’t thought about that flick for years. Had to laugh at your comment on my blog “Visual St. Paul”–Garlic did not help; I had to flee!


  2. Mandi says:

    Great photo! It’s fun to wonder what the story behind it is. Makes me think of the song “99 Red Balloons”! Now I’ll be singing it all day! 🙂


  3. What a cool blog!!!! My favourite place in the world has to be NYC!! I am so jealous of your beautiful home!!

    Do you know of a lovely little chocolate shop in Brooklyn? I can’t remember the name of it but they did a mean hot chocolate!!!

    OOOOOH I want to visit again so much!!!

    I’ll be popping back for my daily NYC fix from now on!!

    Happy Christmas to you ;o)


  4. annulla says:

    Natalya (talj), yes I know the place. It is Jacques Torres chocolate factory – I have a link to it under “Where to Shop.”

    You are correct, the wicked hot chocolate is amazing. When the weather gets a little warmer, I’ll go over there and shoot a few photos. Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. Pat says:

    Love your photo today. Great to see the speeding yellow taxis but the ladies are so still with their bright balloons!

    Great shot!

    Pat’s Photos and
    Guelph Daily Photo


  6. Julie says:

    I’m so jealous…I’d love to live in Brooklyn. NYC is my favourite city and I love to take the subway to Brooklym, walk around it and then walk back over the Brooklyn Bridge! I will be back! On our last trip we emerged from our resnted apartment to find a huge blue inflated gorilla on the sidewalk. No-one was even looking at it! I guess New Yorkers are never surprised by ANYTHING!


  7. sleepyfrog76 says:

    This picture is awesome! I love reading about what you have seen, and then looking at the pcitures. You make me feel like I’m there, and I’ve never been to NYC (crazy, isn’t it??)


  8. photowannabe says:

    I love that movie too. Its a great piece of art.
    This picture is so much fun too. Great composition and good candid shot.


  9. moi says:

    Hi there!! thanx for coming to my blog and leaving ur footprints behind……I am glad i came here to ur blog..its a delight..the blog ……lovely pictures all over…..I hope to be a regular here ..:)


  10. Great photo.I like it!Beautiful colors and good contrast between them.Good job!


  11. Alena says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to see another Elvis fan in NYC. Ilove the clean look of your site….very well done!


  12. Lovely photo — the red color really pops! And I love the contrast between stationary and moving objects in the photo.


  13. Linda says:

    i’m in love with this photograph.


  14. Wilf says:

    I love this image.


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