Living La Cheeto Loca

February 1, 2007

I appreciate good design, but interior decorating isn’t a part of my life. In fact, you’d probably have to look hard to find someone less concerned about styles and trends in interior design.

I can’t imagine what an interior decorator would do in my home, but it’s a fair bet it would look like an entirely different place; I don’t have “themes” and “color schemes,” just furniture and stuff.

Nevertheless, I recently visited the New York Design Center, a building devoted to interior designers and furniture showrooms. While entering the fifth floor offices of Cliff Young Ltd., I saw a piece that made me stop dead in my tracks.

The item, created by Italian furniture manufacturer Della Robbia, is called the Bon Bon Ottoman. It measures 20” w x 20” d x 17” h and it is mounted on casters so that easily rolls across the floor.

The tag says that it is solidy constructed from hardwood and New Zealand wool, but to my eye it appears as though it is made entirely of Cheetos.

I imagine this thing in the den of a weary suburban dad—someone, perhaps, like Homer Simpson. He slumps in his lounge chair, a can of beer in one hand, the television remote resting on his belly. His eyes are glued to his big-screen TV. With his free hand, he gropes blindly for the bowl of cheesy snacks resting on the Bon Bon near his elbow. He grabs a handful, stuffs them in his gullet, and then, unthinkingly, wipes his orange-stained fingers across the surface of the woolly ottoman.

His long-suffering wife watches him smear crushed Cheetos on the furniture, smiles to herself and thinks, “Yes, my man is still a slob, but thanks to my Bon Bon Ottoman, no one will ever know.”

I can’t remember ever lusting after a piece of furniture (OK, I’ve never lusted after furniture before), and I accept the fact that the price-tag puts this thing firmly out of reach, but I am now madly, hopelessly in love with the Bon Bon Ottoman.

If anyone out there has a spare Bon Bon, I’ll happily give it a new home. Just let me know; I’m ready to start living La Cheeto Loca.

Bon Bon Ottoman
Originally uploaded by annulla.

Originally uploaded by annulla.

Homer Simpson
Originally uploaded by annulla.

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