Bare Chests and Bare Branches

January 6, 2007

Some thought it was frightening, others found it delightful, but all agreed that a 72 degree (22 C) day in January was astonishing. On a date that normally demands hats, gloves, mufflers and heavy overcoats, New Yorkers ventured out in t-shirts, shorts and sandals.

If not for the bare branches overhead, this could have been mistaken for a day in May. Since the unseasonably warm weather came on a Saturday, when most residents were free of commitments to work or school, many families were able to enjoy the sunny weather together.

Brooklynites walked, ran, rode and skated to Prospect Park to jog, picnic, relax, mingle and play. They scampered across still-green lawns flying frisbees and kites, read and picnicked under shadeless trees, romped through the playground and practiced yoga and Tai Chi under the clear blue sky. Tennis rackets shed their covers, volleyball nets were strung up, footballs taken out of closets and a clown made an appearance at the playground.

Tomorrow the temperature will drop 20 degrees; jackets will again be worn, ears will again be covered, tennis rackets and footballs will again be relegated to the closet. But for one bright, shining day, Mother Nature gave Brooklyn a brief, shining, early taste of spring.

The brilliant blue sky above Grand Army Plaza  Posted by Picasa

Sitting in the sun at Grand Army Plaza  Posted by Picasa

Sunbathing on the lawn  Posted by Picasa

Father teaching daughter to play  Posted by Picasa

Playing with a remote-control car  Posted by Picasa

Jogging  Posted by Picasa

Boys on the Harmony Playground  Posted by Picasa

Mastering training wheels  Posted by Picasa

Skateboarding  Posted by Picasa

Making balloon animals at the playground  Posted by Picasa

Muffin the cat, secure in his harness  Posted by Picasa

Climbing the harp sculpture  Posted by Picasa

Crowded roadways  Posted by Picasa

Biker in an Oscar the Grouch shirt  Posted by Picasa

Walking a dog  Posted by Picasa

Reading  Posted by Picasa

NY Times: 72-Degree Day Breaks Record in New York
Prospect Park

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