Goodbye to the Holidays

Tonight they changed the sign on the marquee at the Brooklyn Heights Cinema. The hoiday season is now officially over.

Happy Holidays – Watch More Movies Posted by Picasa

Cinema Treasures: Brooklyn Heights Cinema

3 Responses to Goodbye to the Holidays

  1. Olivier says:

    c’est amusant, sur mon blog, aujourd’hui je parle aussi de la fin des fetes de fin d’année.
    Voila, il va falloir attendre un an maintenant ;o)

    it is amusing, on my blog, today I also speak about the end of the festivals of end of the year. , It one year should be waited veiled now ;O)


  2. Hi TOTALLY the new blogger is an html freak out…i can’t figure stuff out so I went back to the old template so I am in some kind of blogger neverworld. I am hoping that a book will come out or I will ever find the time to unravel the chat room talk on the html stuff. How did you do the cool amazon store? I keep hearing about it but i can’t figure it out. sorry for the long post but i couldn’t find your email to answer you! you can email from my blog Happy Friday xoxoxo amylou aka ITBK


  3. photowannabe says:

    Yup, its time to move on and see what the New Year hold for all of us.


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