Union Square Holiday Market

Over the past decade it has become a holiday tradition: late in November, the air is filled with the sounds of saws and hammers as red and white striped tents are hoisted, tiny lights and boughs of greenery are draped over fountains, lampposts and statues, and the southern section of Union Square is transformed into a bustling Holiday Marketplace.

Now in its 11th year, Union Square Holiday Market includes more than 100 vendors selling handicrafts, foods, holiday decorations, antique prints, jewelry, toys, clothing and more. During the month that it is open (November 24 – December 24), the Marketplace is busy night and day. On a clear night like this, passersby are enticed by the distinctive sights, sounds and aromas of New York during the holiday season. Hot apple cider, anyone?

Sitting on the fountain Posted by Picasa

Shoppers at a jewelry booth Posted by Picasa

At a booth selling decorations Posted by Picasa

Jewelry vendor’s booth  Posted by Picasa

Paper goods’ vendor’s booth Posted by Picasa

Examining handmade earrings Posted by Picasa

Crowding around a booth Posted by Picasa

Rack of knitted hats Posted by Picasa

NYC Parks Dept: Union Square Holiday Market
NYC Parks: Union Square Holiday Market

2 Responses to Union Square Holiday Market

  1. photowannabe says:

    What a great tradition and it looks like a wonderful place to see and buy some goodies.
    I hope you had a great Christmas and best wishes for a fab. New Year.


  2. Trailer Abraham Lincoln Vampirjaeger…

    […]Union Square Holiday Market « Blather From Brooklyn[…]…


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