Music at the MetLife Building

Originally known as the PamAm Building, the 58-story MetLife Building is adjacent to Grand Central Terminal. During the holiday season, the building hosts a series of free concerts by high schools from the surrounding region.

I was passing through the lobby today when this group, which was visiting the city from Connecticut’s Stamford High School, began a performance that included songs about Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwaanza.

The Stamford High School choir Posted by Picasa

Part of the orchestra Posted by Picasa

The string section Posted by Picasa

Singers Posted by Picasa

Strings players Posted by Picasa

Two members of the choir Posted by Picasa

Harmonizing Posted by Picasa

The violinists Posted by Picasa

A singer Posted by Picasa

Two players Posted by Picasa

A singer Posted by Picasa

Stamford High School
The MetLife Building
Wikipedia: The MetLife Building

One Response to Music at the MetLife Building

  1. anomolous says:

    Wow that’s so cool. Thanks for taking the time to write about us!!


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