Music at the MetLife Building

December 14, 2006

Originally known as the PamAm Building, the 58-story MetLife Building is adjacent to Grand Central Terminal. During the holiday season, the building hosts a series of free concerts by high schools from the surrounding region.

I was passing through the lobby today when this group, which was visiting the city from Connecticut’s Stamford High School, began a performance that included songs about Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwaanza.

The Stamford High School choir Posted by Picasa

Part of the orchestra Posted by Picasa

The string section Posted by Picasa

Singers Posted by Picasa

Strings players Posted by Picasa

Two members of the choir Posted by Picasa

Harmonizing Posted by Picasa

The violinists Posted by Picasa

A singer Posted by Picasa

Two players Posted by Picasa

A singer Posted by Picasa

Stamford High School
The MetLife Building
Wikipedia: The MetLife Building

The Gift of Music

December 14, 2006

This afternoon, on my way to catch the 1 train, I ducked into the Duane Reade drugstore at the corner of Broadway and 50th Street to buy a roll of tape.

As I stepped through the entrance, I nearly tripped over a man who was fiddling with wires leading to a large speaker on the floor. The man adjusted the connection, shifted the speaker and a clear, high voice surged through.

Going inside, I couldn’t fail to notice the vivacious woman in bright red who stood beside a folding table covered with stacks of CDs. As I moved closer, the woman smiled brightly and told me that she was there to promote her new Christmas recording; her name was Lyza Wilson and she was the singer whose voice I was hearing.

I left the store with two of her CDs. It wasn’t until I was on the subway heading downtown that I realized that I’d completely forgotten the task that led me to the drugstore: I still didn’t have any tape.

But I had something better; I’d received the gift of music — all the better because it came at such an unexpected time from such an unlikely place. And although she was singing in a drugstore instead of a theatre, this afternoon Lyza Wilson truly was a star on Broadway.

Lyza Wilson holding her recordings Posted by Picasa

Lyza Wilson
Duane Reade

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