Christmas Fair at “Little Denmark in the Big Apple”

Housed in a landmark brownstone in historic Brooklyn Heights, the Danish Seamen’s Church is both a house of worship and cultural center for New York’s Danish community.

The church, which was founded in 1878 by Danish minister Rasmus Andersen, has been in its current location for nearly half a century. This Lutheran congregation’s name comes from one of the church’s primary missions: caring for the thousands of Danish seafarers who come to New York each year. Model ships are displayed in the chapel; an engraved brass ship’s bell is near the door.

This is the only church the Americas where Danish-language church services are held every Sunday. In addition, the congregation, which refers to itself as “Little Denmark in the Big Apple,” supports a variety of clubs and activities, offers Danish lessons and hosts visiting Danish politicians, musicians, artists and celebrities.

The biggest event on the church’s calendar is the annual two-day Christmas Fair, which draws such a large crowd that the greater part of the festivities are held a block away at the neighboring Zion German Evangelical Lutheran Church.

This year’s Fair, held November 17th and 18th, included Danish Christmas ornaments, arts, crafts, products, food and drink. This was a day to enjoy Denmark’s glorious pastry, open-faced sandwiches (smørrebrød), hot dogs, beer and babies.

Church exterior Posted by Picasa

Ship’s bell inside the sanctuary Posted by Picasa

Girl on the stairway Posted by Picasa

Girl in striped top Posted by Picasa

Baby in red fleece Posted by Picasa

Baby tooth Posted by Picasa

Brothers Posted by Picasa

Danish hot dogs Posted by Picasa

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  • Zion German Evangelical Lutheran Church
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  • 10 Responses to Christmas Fair at “Little Denmark in the Big Apple”

    1. Wren says:

      ncnuNow that’s a phrase you don’t think of very often “Danish hot dogs”. What is the green stuff?

      The children are gorgeous!


    2. Wren says:

      Sorry, I have no idea what those letters are in front of the last post. 😉


    3. annulla says:

      The Danish hot dogs are (I believe) long, thin pork sausages topped with ketchup, remoulade sauce (a combination of mustard and mayonnaise), pickled cucumbers and crunchy fried onions.


    4. photowannabe says:

      The Christmas Fair looks like fun. Pics. of the children are great. Nice tight shots.


    5. pjt3ket says:

      Those hot dogs look excellent!! the children are beautiful!!!

      just read your comment on my Halloween post and I almost snorted Mt Dew out my nose. i so needed a laugh like that tonight. Thanks so much 🙂


    6. danette says:

      Danish biscuits are the BEST!

      [The photo’s in the that post are really good.]


    7. tallulah says:

      I was having such a nice time looking at all of those beautiful pictures of the children…then comes along a danish hot dog picture. Now those look damn scary!


    8. […] Christmas Fair at “Little Denmark in the Big Apple” Danish Seaman’s Church (Den Danske Sømandskirke) Zion German Evangelical Lutheran Church Nordic Recipe Archive: Smörgåsbord Royal Copenhagen: Bing & Grondahl Dansko Clogs […]


    9. I actually the web site, continue to keep it up. I find this kind of stuff exciting. Seems like an honest mistake on the sales rep’s part, but it is one that shouldn’t happen.


    10. Linda Reventlow Midtlyng says:

      Julemarked looks wonderful. Going to try to go.


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