No Sleep Till Brooklyn

October 14, 2006

The powerHouse Arena, an enormous new party space on Brooklyn’s Main Street, is owned and operated by avant-garde art publisher powerHouse Books. This weekend the Arena hosted its first event, No Sleep ’til Brooklyn: A Hip Hop Retrospective — a celebration of 30 years of hip hop culture.

Named for the Beastie Boys’ 1986 hit and held in conjuction with VH1’s 2006 Hip Hop Honors, No Sleep ’til Brooklyn is a look at hip hop from its underground beginnings in the South Bronx to its ubiquitous presence today. Works by featured artists include photos, paintings, drawings, films, video, books, sneakers and, of course, music.

Visitors filled the space to look at the works on display, sample the products from Brooklyn Brewery, hear music by DJ Synapse and hear from some of the pioneers of the art gallery graffiti scene: Lee Quinones, Diego Cortez and Patti Astor.

Graffiti-style list of credits Posted by Picasa

Life size images cover the front windows Posted by Picasa

Photos taped to the pillars  Posted by Picasa

Looking up at photos Posted by Picasa

Visitors leaving their marks on the wall  Posted by Picasa

Viewing framed works in the corner  Posted by Picasa

Eliza from Pinkeye Posted by Picasa

Sitting on the steps  Posted by Picasa

Diego Cortez, Lee Quinones & Patti Astor Posted by Picasa

Jane Dixon & Patti Astor Posted by Picasa

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