Under a Clear Blue Sky

It takes nearly four hours to read all the names one by one. Four hours in the bright sunlight, under a clear blue sky, as they are said in alphabetical order. Nearly 3,000 names — from Gordon Aamoth to Igor Zukelman — recited by voices that are firm with determination, shaking with fury, breaking into sobs.

As the hours pass, the mourners make their way down the long, long ramp into the pit. They carry objects that symbolize those they lost: a photograph, a poem, a teddy bear, a sweatshirt, a mass card, a baseball pennant, a toy car.

When they reach the bottom they gravitate to two shallow pools, temporarily erected with two-by-four planks, in the footprints of the missing towers. There, even those who have no graves to visit can drop flowers into the water, write messages on the raw wooden planks, pray, cry, salute, embrace and remember.

You’re a grandfather now, Dad. Posted by Picasa

I hope you made it into heaven Posted by Picasa

Dear Aunt Margaret Posted by Picasa

For all the souls of the 78th floor Posted by Picasa

Hope you’re listening to a little James Taylor Posted by Picasa

God Bless U All  Posted by Picasa

PS The Mets are winning Posted by Picasa

In 1st place Posted by Picasa

I never forgot  Posted by Picasa

Rest in peace Mommy Posted by Picasa

Grandpa, you are our hero!  Posted by Picasa

Golden angel Posted by Picasa

General Lee  Posted by Picasa

Blue rosary Posted by Picasa

Wish you could play with us Posted by Picasa

  • CNN: A List of Names
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