Mysteries of Manhattan: A New York City Alphabet

July 20, 2006

In downtown Manhattan, someone carefully painted an alphabet on the wooden fence surrounding a construction site at the corner of Warren and Church Streets. There is no visible indication of why, when or by whom this alphabet was created.

Apple � Boy Posted by Picasa

Cat � Dog Posted by Picasa

Egg � Fun Posted by Picasa

Good � Hello Posted by Picasa

Ink � Jam Posted by Picasa

Krishna � Like Posted by Picasa

Mom � No Posted by Picasa

Ontology � Pencil  Posted by Picasa

Quark � Robot  Posted by Picasa

Silly � Tungsten Posted by Picasa

Ulterior Motive � Vague Posted by Picasa

Wet � X-Ray Posted by Picasa

Yes � Zen Posted by Picasa

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