Mermaids in The Rain

The Northeast part of the United States has been pelted with rain for days, but regardless of the weather, local Mermaids were determined to hold their parade today on the streets of Coney Island.

There were few drizzles during the 24th Annual Mermaid Parade, but the crowds in the streets were unusually sparse, the skies were gray, some of the floats were draped with tarpulins and more than one participant carried an umbrella. And when the marching (and dancing, strutting, singing and swinging) stopped, the skies opened. Good thing that all mermaids love water.

The Mermaid Parade Posted by Picasa

The “mayor” of Coney Island banging his own drum Posted by Picasa

East Village Sea Monster Marching Band Posted by Picasa

Chef vs. lobster Posted by Picasa

Mermaid and Captain Posted by Picasa

Sea-Funk All Star Band Posted by Picasa

Bride and Grouper with attendants Posted by Picasa

Burleque queen Little Brooklyn & her boyfriend Posted by Picasa

Republi-Sea-Monster Posted by Picasa

Rockin’ little mer-boy Posted by Picasa

Patriotic mermaid Posted by Picasa

Marilyn Mermaid Posted by Picasa

Blue mermaid Posted by Picasa

Wearing pink on the Boardwalk Posted by Picasa

Tatooed mermaid Posted by Picasa

Mermaid and (soon-to-be) mer-mom Posted by Picasa

Red & white fish Posted by Picasa

Wearing the official parade hat Posted by Picasa

Man, dog & parrot Posted by Picasa

Man-eating goldfish Posted by Picasa

Bambi the Mermaid and indy director Abel Ferrera Posted by Picasa

Ginger & the Skipper (sans Gilligan) Posted by Picasa

Elvis of the sea Posted by Picasa

New York’s Finest Posted by Picasa

Trio of New York’s Finest Posted by Picasa

After the parade, a lone mermaid stands in the rain Posted by Picasa

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  • 2 Responses to Mermaids in The Rain

    1. Goodcarver says:

      Very nice tour of a section of NYC. Your photos are excellent. I really enjoyed it!


    2. Anonymous says:

      looks like a sick mardi gra


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