A brief tour of As-tour-ia

June 19, 2006

Astoria has always been the home to strivers and dreamers. In the early 1800s the village of Hallet’s Cove was re-named Astoria in hopes that John Jacob Astor, the first millionaire in the United States, would invest there. Although he reportedly never set foot in Astoria, America’s richest man eventually gave the village $500 and the name stuck.

This northwestern section of Queens, where three bridges – the Queensboro, the Triborough, and the Hell Gate – cross the East River, is the traditional center of Greek life in America. Today, long-time residents are joined by newcomers from around the world and Astoria has become one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the nation, filled with those pursuing their own American dreams.

Triborough Bridge seen from inside the subway station Posted by Picasa

View from subway station stairs Posted by Picasa

Welcome to the neighborhood Posted by Picasa

We speak German, Polish, Spanish, French, Greek Posted by Picasa

Pedestrian and sidewalk mural Posted by Picasa

Selecting oranges outside of a Greek market Posted by Picasa

A proud gardener tending his fig trees Posted by Picasa

In a quiet corner of the Triborough Bridge Playground Posted by Picasa

Resting in the shade Posted by Picasa

Chatting on the grass in Astoria Park Posted by Picasa

A sleepy snuggle in the park Posted by Picasa

View of Riker’s Island Posted by Picasa

Bridge over the East River Posted by Picasa

Chilling inside the Bohemian Beer Garden Posted by Picasa

Security guard at Bohemian Beer Garden Posted by Picasa

Statue of Socrates Posted by Picasa

Athena, gift from the people of Athens, Greece Posted by Picasa

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