Welcome to the Meow Mix House

June 16, 2006

Well we’re movin’ on up
To the East Side
To a dee-luxe apartment in the sky
We’re movin’ on up
To the East Side
We’ve finally got a piece of the pie

— Ja’net DuBois and Jeff Barry
Theme song to “The Jeffersons”

It wasn’t that long ago that they were homeless and hopeless, scrounging around in garbage cans and sleeping in the streets. Now these cats are ensconced in a duplex apartment on one of the city’s toniest streets. Welcome to the Meow Mix House.

10 cats from shelters around the country were brought to New York to share the Meow Mix House – a storefront that has been temporarily transformed into a kitty dream home. The cats-in-residence are participating in what’s being called “the world’s first cat reality show.” All the cats will be adopted and receive a one-year supply of Meow Mix cat food. The “winner” in will also be given “a job working for The Meow Mix Company as Feline Vice President of Research and Development.”

Of course it is silly, and it is intended to sell a lot of cat food, but the Meow Mix House also raises awareness of animal welfare and, for the week it remains at the corner of Madison Avenue and 49th Street, the house’s residents are amusing, enchanting and entertaining their fellow East Siders.

Exterior view Posted by Picasa

New Yorkers stopping in their tracks Posted by Picasa

Napping on the couch Posted by Picasa

Descending from the loft Posted by Picasa

Grabbing a snack Posted by Picasa

Sinking to a new low Posted by Picasa

Posing for passers-by Posted by Picasa

Napping Posted by Picasa

Catching some rays Posted by Picasa

Beware of cat Posted by Picasa

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