A Trip on the Staten Island Ferry

Let The River Run
We’re coming to the edge
Running on the water
Coming through the fog
Your sons and daughtersLet the river run
Let all the dreamers
Wake the nation
Come, the New Jerusalem

Silver cities rise
The morning lights
The streets that lead them
And sirens call them on with a song

It’s asking for the taking
Trembling, shaking
Oh, my heart is aching

— Carly Simon, 1989

Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of the city of New York (the others are Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan and Queens). It is located southwest of Manhattan Island, cut off from the rest of the city by a 5.2 mile stretch of New York Bay (also known as New York Harbor).

Every day, 65,000 people travel between the Northernmost point of Staten Island and the Southern tip of Manhattan via the free-of-charge Staten Island Ferry. On a steamy hot day, the temptation of a free boat ride was irresistible.

If you begin the trip in Manhattan, as I did, you’ll board at the Whitehall Ferry Terminal. Completed in 2004, it replaced a structure identical to the century-old Battery Martime Terminal that still stands next door.

Approximately 25 minutes later you’ll arrive at the St. George Ferry Terminal on Staten Island, where the tourists and residents immediately part ways; the natives rush off to work, play and home, while the visitors simply turn around and catch the next ferry back to Manhattan.

Foreground, Battery Maritime Terminal (c. 1904), background, Whitehall Ferry Terminal (c. 2004) Posted by Picasa

Waiting for the ferry Posted by Picasa

Passing another ferry; background: Governor’s Island Posted by Picasa

Catching a breeze near the statue Posted by Picasa

Approaching Staten Island Posted by Picasa

Pulling into the terminal Posted by Picasa

Staten Island: hazy, hot & humid Posted by Picasa

Outside the terminal Posted by Picasa

Exterior of Terminal Posted by Picasa

Running to the Manhattan-bound boat Posted by Picasa

The Statue of Liberty Posted by Picasa

Sailing on Posted by Picasa

Manhattan coming into view Posted by Picasa

Carly Simon called it “the New Jerusalem” Posted by Picasa

Terminal on the left, Brooklyn Bridge on the right Posted by Picasa

Pulling in to the terminal Posted by Picasa

The view from inside Posted by Picasa

Inside Whitehall Terminal Posted by Picasa

  • Staten Island Ferry
  • NYC Department of Transportation
  • Carly Simon: The New Jerusalem
  • 2 Responses to A Trip on the Staten Island Ferry

    1. Julie says:

      This brought back wonderful memories of my first trip on the ferry. I had Carly Simon’s song from Working Girl playing in my head as looked at Manhattan in the rich light of a spring afternoon. Just incredible….I was living a dream!


    2. statensisland says:

      Thanks for given a nice information and Picture of Staten Island……………….



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