Pink and lavender clouds of joy

May 1, 2006

This weekend, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is celebrating Sakura Matsuri, the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. The Garden’s collection of cherry trees (200 trees, 42 species and varieties) is unmatched outside of Japan.

Every tree in the collection is covered with lush, gorgeous cherry blossoms and the superb lilac grove is at its peak. The blooms have filled this corner of Brooklyn – and the hearts of those fortunate enough to linger here — with sweetly fragrant pink and lavender clouds of joy.

Cascades of wisteria Posted by Picasa

Purple lilacs Posted by Picasa

Lilac Posted by Picasa

Musician inside tent Posted by Picasa

Musicians inside tent Posted by Picasa

Buying bento boxes Posted by Picasa

Festival goers playing “go” Posted by Picasa

Festival goers Posted by Picasa

Festival goers taking photos Posted by Picasa

In the Japanese Garden Posted by Picasa

Waterfall in the Japanese Garden Posted by Picasa

Young festival goer  Posted by Picasa

Festival goer Posted by Picasa

Under a cherry blossom ceiling Posted by Picasa

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