Children of Uganda

April 11, 2006

Children of Uganda, a performing troupe that tours the world every two years, is currently appearing at the Joyce Theatre. The company is comprised of African children whose lives have been affected by AIDS; most are orphans and many have lost aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins, too.

While their mission — preserving the traditions and beliefs of their East African homeland — is serious, these talented performers sing, dance and play with unbridled energy, exuberance and joy. The youngest member of the company, 6 year old Miriam Namala, absolutely stole the show. Radiant, she dominates every scene in which she appears.

Unlike earlier tours, this season there is no discussion of AIDS or its affects on Uganda; that information is confined to the performers’ biographies in the Playbill and printed materials that are available in the lobby. This time, the focus is simply on songs, drums, and dance, dance, dance.

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