Slava’s Snowshow

Slava Polunin is a clown. Not a screeching, menacing, kid-scaring clown, but a brilliant, innovative artist in the tradition of Marcel Marceau and Charlie Chaplin. Born in rural Russian in 1979, Slava established a successful studio and theatre company in Leningrad. After nearly four decades of touring in Europe, Slava assembled the highlights of his performances into the award-winning Snowshow, currently at New York’s Union Square Theatre.

Starring Slava and members of his company, the program is a unique, enchanting, puzzling, ultimately beautifully overwhelming spectacle. The show culminates in the sensory overload of a full-scale blizzard inside the theatre. Tons of “Slava’s snow”(actually shreds of thin paper and silver mylar) pour from the ceiling and are blown about by fans, filling air, seats, hair, pockets, purses and open mouths.

Theatregoers emerge into Union Square brushing bits of snow from their hats and jackets. For days afterward, they leave a trail around the city as pieces of Slava’s snow slowly work themselves out shoes, hats and cuffs.

Slava’s Snowshow (photo not shot by me) Posted by Picasa

  • Slava’s Snowshow
  • Slava’s Snowshow
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