Two Sexy Italians Up for Grabs

Monday morning, a group of sexy Italians appeared in Grand Central Terminal. Under the star-spangled ceiling, a pair of Lamborghini sports cars was parked next to the information booth while four Augusta Brutale motorcycles were in the passageway to Vanderbilt Hall.

The reason? The Columbus Citizens Foundation is sponsoring two raffles for the benefit of their scholarship fund: Win an MV Agusta Brutale and Win a Lamborghini. A limited number of tickets are for sale and the drawing will be held when the last ticket is sold. Price per ticket? A chance to win the motorcycle is $50; a raffle ticket for the car costs $1,000. More than twenty tickets for the Lamborghini were sold the day they became available.

Of course, upon seeing the vehicles inside the train terminal, my immediate reaction was “A sports car? But if you won it, where on earth would you park it?” Sometimes I forget that there’s world outside New York where normal, average people have things like long, winding driveways and private garages. In this part of the world, those are ultra-luxury items; even multi-million dollars homes generally don’t include parking spaces, and private garage ownershp is confined to the very, very, very rich.

Yellow Lamborghini in Grand Central Posted by Picasa

Black Lamborghini in Grand Central Posted by Picasa

Agusta Brutale in Grand Central Terminal Posted by Picasa

Win Lamborghini Gallardo Posted by Picasa

Win Augusta Brutale Posted by Picasa

  • Columbus Citizens Foundation
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • Lamborghini
  • Lamborghini Club
  • MV Agusta Brutale
  • MV Agusta Brutale USA
  • Jerry Seinfeld’s private garage
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