Red Dress Running

September 10, 2005

A quiet, calm afternoon at City Hall Park. Suddenly, without warning, a horde of … are they men? are they women? performance artists? political activists? monks? … comes running around the corner, heading up Park Row towards Broadway. They are all dressed in red robes. Or, perhaps in … red dresses?

I jump up to get a closer look. Yes, those are definitely dresses, all kinds of bright red dresses. For moment, my view is blocked by traffic. Three more red-clad runners appear. They stand on a traffic island, waving, screaming and drawing chalk symbols on the pavement.

Seemingly in response to the shouting and waving, the first group of runners in red dresses turns around and comes roaring back, rounding a corner, startling drivers and pedestrians and hurrying into a dark lane at the edge of Manhattan Island. I run after them and snap a few photos.

Later, when I get to a computer, I google “red dress” and learn about a worldwide (but previously unknown to me) subculture called the Hash House Harriers that dates back to a running group founded in Kuala Lumpur in the 1930s. What I’d witnessed was announced on the local chapter’s Web site as the:

Red Dress R*n 2005
Trail start will be 3:00 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 10th at The Patriot, 110 Chambers St,, off Church. There will be a 2:00 p.m. celebrity makeover hour preceding the start of trail.

Running up Park Row Posted by Picasa

Turning the corner by J&R Music Posted by Picasa

Who are they? What are they doing? Posted by Picasa

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  • Stretching on the Brooklyn Bridge

    September 10, 2005

    It was the perfect day for a leisurely walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. A bit past the halfway mark, near the bronze plaques commemorating the bridge’s construction, I came across members of The Silver Brown Dance Company – a small group who were rehearsing for a performance they’ll hold here tomorrow.

    Walking towards Manhattan Posted by Picasa

    Midway across the East River, looking up Posted by Picasa

    Dancers stretching Posted by Picasa

    Warming up Posted by Picasa

    Preparing for rehearsal Posted by Picasa

    Reaching up Posted by Picasa

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