Wigstock 2005, Part Two: Offstage

August 29, 2005

At Wigstock there is no line dividing the performers and the audience. It is all a show; everyone is both a performer and an observer, an artist and a work of art. The personal is the political. Fantasy is made flesh. Dreams are made visible.

Heads up! Posted by Picasa

Glamour at twilight Posted by Picasa

Her roots are showing! Posted by Picasa

Read all about it Posted by Picasa

Blues in the night Posted by Picasa

Lara Flynn Boy? Posted by Picasa

Smiling Posted by Picasa

Superhero Posted by Picasa

Doris Dazed? Posted by Picasa

Blowing a kiss Posted by Picasa

It ain’t easy being queen Posted by Picasa

Redhead Posted by Picasa

Orange you glad you saw us? Posted by Picasa

Blue lips Posted by Picasa

Red boa Posted by Picasa

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