Pride on parade

The Annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride March is one of the most colorful, popular and peaceful public events in New York City. On this, the 36th anniversary of the March, it is important to note that only three and a half decades ago, the police routinely raided the city’s gay bars and arrested the patrons.

Today, not only do the police march in the parade (along with the mayor, both of New York’s senators, and numerous other politicians), a specially-painted NYPD recruitment van actually serves as a parade float. The center stripe down Fifth Avenue is painted lavender, the lights atop the Empire State Building glow with the same hue, and a rainbow flag flies above Brooklyn’s Borough Hall.

My two moms rock the world! Posted by Hello

NYPD recruitment van Posted by Hello

Proud teens Posted by Hello

Proud women with water bottle Posted by Hello

Celebrating 26 years together Posted by Hello

C. Virginia Fields and Al Sharpton Posted by Hello

Proud family Posted by Hello

NYPD t-shirt with bridal headpiece Posted by Hello

Rainbow braids Posted by Hello

Proud daddys Posted by Hello

Rainbow scarf Posted by Hello

Senior with cape Posted by Hello

Mirror sunglasses Posted by Hello

Girl with pride bear Posted by Hello

Proudly polyamorous Posted by Hello

God’s property Posted by Hello

Pride on crutches Posted by Hello

The bride of pride Posted by Hello

Green eyelashes Posted by Hello

Proud with black feathers Posted by Hello

Proud with rainbow feathers Posted by Hello

Proud with yellow feathers Posted by Hello

Proud with red feathers Posted by Hello

Proud veteran Posted by Hello

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