Brooklyn Mermaids

23rd Annual Mermaid Parade in Coney Island

Every year I turn on the news or pick up the paper and see the reports about “this year’s” Mermaid Parade. And every year I (once again) regret having missed it and vow that I will attend the next parade. Then I forget about it for another year.

But this year was different — I made the pilgrimage to Coney Island. The day was clear and sunny, the crowd was happy and friendly, and even after the parade ended, mermaids, mermen and sea monsters strolled and posed along the boardwalk.

Fresh from the sea Posted by Hello

Merdog Posted by Hello

Mermaids with attitude Posted by Hello

Wild Thing from the Deep Posted by Hello

There’s something fishy about this mermaid Posted by Hello

Mermaid Posted by Hello

King Neptune Posted by Hello

Brooklyn Merman Posted by Hello

Young Mermaid Posted by Hello

Blue Mermaid Posted by Hello

Pink Mermaid Posted by Hello

Seaweed Man Posted by Hello

Nippy Mermaid Posted by Hello

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