Spring? What spring?

If it hadn’t been for a “Happy Equinox” e-card received today, I’d hardly have known that this was supposed to be the first day of spring. The sun never came out, the wind never stopped blowing. It was a good day to stay inside, sip steaming hot tea and listen to the patter of the rain falling on the windowpanes.

The e-card said:

At this Equinox claim the power of Life.
The power of manifestation
The power of budding childlike hope
Renewed as the year wheel pivots
At the moment of balance between darkness and light.
Claim the power of hope renewed
From which will come manifestation of all your desires.
There is no fruit or future without first
Filling yourself with life now.
Embrace the Spring’s sowing and budding
That will drive you towards
Your Summer’s growth and Autumn’s harvest.

Live now.
Bite into a piece of fruit.
Smell a flower.
Suck on the tender crook of your own elbow.
Blow someone a kiss.
Think of your beloved’s open mouthed grin
Crooking at the corner of his or her mouth.


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