A stroll down Court Street

Chilly but clear St. Joseph’s Day, perfect for a stroll down Court Street through Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens.

Went to the Cadman Plaza Post Office and sent out a big, heavy package, looked through the sale books at Barnes & Noble, browsed the local book section at Book Court, poked around the used books at the Community Book Store, flipped through the greeting cards and pretty soaps at Shakespeare’s Sister, watched the counter girl carefully placing meringues in a box at Sweet Melissa, and picked up some lovely food for the new few days. Lentil-rice salad and hummus from Sahadi’s, fresh-from-the-oven pita bread from Damascus Bakery, red grapes and lemons from a greengrocer’s stand, sfingi and zeppole (made specially for St. Joseph’s day) from Court Pastry, rice balls and home-made sausage with broccoli rabe from Esposito’s New Jersey Pork Store (easy to find — just look for the enormous ceramic pig dressed like a chef in front of the store) and (oh, my!) delectable pumpkin ravioli and walnut sauce from Fratelli Ravioli.

Lingered over a good book and coffee at the Brooklyn Bread Cafe, saw the crowds emerging from church clutching leaves of palm, basketball players running and shooting in Carroll Park, a pair of great danes straining at their leashes, two little girls playing Ring Around The Rosie (Mother’s comment: “You are NOT going to “all fall down” in the middle of Court Street. Wait ’till we get home and you can fall down there.”). Mix in a little flirtation with a stranger, a little sunshine, and end up with nice day out and about in beautiful Brooklyn.

  • Sahadi’s
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Community Bookstore
  • Sweet Melissa
  • Fratelli Ravioli
  • Brooklyn Bread Cafe
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